Student Reactions to Extensive Reading (Pan-SIG 2013)

I was at the Pan-SIG conference this weekend, held in Nagoya (the excellent Nanzan University hosted the event). This is the video of my presentation (a little shorter than usual):


Thanks to everyone who attended.

The video was shot on my iPhone 4S, as I forgot to bring my video camera. Not bad, considering πŸ™‚

You gave us lots to think about; thank you Ben. However, I just realized that I forgot to grab your program’s book!

Ha ha. No worries, Marcos, I’ll be bringing more to the World Congress and JALT National -come and grab one early πŸ˜‰

Some very interesting food for thought indeed. Thanks. Two questions; Have you lost weight? Do you speak Spanish fluently as well?

Flattery will get you everywhere, sir πŸ˜‰

I am trying to lose weight but not sure if I am succeeding. Time will tell.

I used to speak Spanish fluently (spent 8 years there) but now can merely understand it. I think it would come back in the right environment…


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