Google instant translation of paper text

This is just a prototype now, but I reckon we’ll see fully functional apps for iphone and android within the year. Amazing stuff.

Google Translate Blog

Basically you take a photo of some text with your mobile phone, then it gets uploaded to the web and translated almost instantly. Good for menus, signs, instructions, etc.


How do you say this year? Is it two thousand and ten or twenty ten?

I was asked by a student, and given that I had been thinking about this topic, gave them more of an answer than they were probably looking for.

Personally I prefer twenty ten, because:

1. It’s shorter and easier to say.
2. It is more consistent (like nineteen seventy).

Both are currently valid, and there are still some lingering two thousand and somes out there, but I am confident that twenty some will win out in the end. What do you think? Do you have a preference?

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