28 May 2006, 7:31pm

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JALT madness and cat sadness

Just got back from the overnight JALT retreat. A good time, and got a couple of ideas for classes.

Tiddles got jumped by the psycho cat about an hour ago, and got her leg messed up. I took her to the emergency vet who gave her a shot and said she’d be okay with rest.

Got to figure out how to catch the psycho cat. I figure she’s injured Tiddles and Meekay about a dozen times, three of them serious enough to require a trip to the vet. Damn stray has cost me almost 20,000 yen!

I have this vision of a big box trap, with food inside and a spring-loaded door. I’ll see what I can knock up this week… keep you posted.

20 May 2006, 11:33pm

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Hello! Chickens

Long time no see. How are you doing? Keeping well? Good, good.

I have been BUSY. Got a new job, “educating” university students. It’s great.

They’re just like senior high school students, except that they listen to you, do their homework, and follow instructions. Fantastic.

However, it does take up most of my former free time. Call it an investment 😉

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