23 Nov 2005, 10:02pm

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And I’m Spent…

Just finished booking the last of the hire cars, hotel rooms, and flights for our trip. When you take five people, the numbers add up to a scary amount.


Oh well, I guess this is the last time we’re going to be able to do this for a while, so it’s worth it. Going to fit a lot in, too!

And most importantly, I’m going to get to eat Christmas dinner. Hopefully more than once 🙂

23 Nov 2005, 10:44am

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It’s a holiday… so let’s celebrate…

Apparently today is “be thankful to workers day” so we all have the day off 😉

For a country that is so serious about work, Japan has a surprising amount of public holidays (one or two a month, for a total of about twenty a year). Of course, to balance this, everyone gets ten days paid leave a year if they are lucky?and if they are REALLY lucky they actually get to use some of them…

It’s a nice day today though, so I’ll stop with the bitching 😉

22 Nov 2005, 12:06pm

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Cold… So Damn Cold

Okay, it’s been a while (again!). Apologies.

It is now getting towards real winter, and real cold. Every year I forget just how cold it gets here (with the lack of central heating and insulation) and every year I am unpleasantly surprised…

In other news the trip back to the UK is looming, and things are afoot in terms of promoting Cambridge English and enjoying the success we so richly deserve!

I’ll keep you posted.


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