The Tohoku University Extensive Reading Manual

ER@TU handbook

I am so thrilled to finally have this on my desk.

This is a 136-page bilingual handbook describing the extensive reading program at Tohoku University. It includes a detailed description of the curriculum, examples of handouts and other materials, and guides to adapting the program to other contexts.

For a limited time, free copies are available. Please leave a comment with your name and work address if you would be interested in receiving one. Alternatively, see me (Ben Shearon) at the JALT Pan-SIG Conference in Nagoya (May), the 2nd Extensive Reading World Congress in Seoul (September), or the JALT National Conference 2013 in Kobe (October) to get a copy.

Hello Ben,

I won’t be able to get to Seoul or even Kobe, but I am quite interested in learning more about your extensive learning program.

Hi Richard
I’ll be posting a link to the website tomorrow -that has most of the information we give to students.
If you need a more in-depth treatment of the program, send me your name and mailing address, and I’ll get a copy of the manual sent out to you.

1 May 2013, 1:09pm
by Michael Blodgett


That would be great Ben! If it isn’t too much trouble please send me a copy to:
Michael Blodgett
Kansai University Hokuyo Junior High School
1-3-26 Kamishinjo, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi,
Osaka 533-0006

It would be nice to have something to show other teachers at the school who are less familiar with extensive reading.

Hi Michael
No problem! I’ll try and get a copy to you next week.

1 May 2013, 1:21pm
by Bill Snyder



If the copies are still available, I’d be interested in having a copy. My work address is:

Bill Snyder
Teachers College, Columbia University
101-0047 Tokyo-to
Chiyoda-ku, 3-15-4 Uchi-Kanda
Kanda Gaigo Gakuin Bldg No. 7, 4F

Thanks in advance!


Hi Bill
I’ll get on it next week. Hope you find it useful 🙂

1 May 2013, 2:12pm
by Michael Blodgett


Awesome! Thanks in advance.

Rob Waring
Notre Dame Seishin University
2-16-9 Ifuku-cho
Okayama City
Okayama 700-8516.

IOU a beer

Rob, after all the help, advice, support, and inspiration over the years, I owe you a couple of crates-worth 😉

I’ll get your copy sent out next week.

1 May 2013, 5:55pm
by Yukiko Watanabe


Hello, Ben,
This is Yukiko Watanabe from Fukuoka. Is it still within the limited time to get a free copy? I’d love to read it very much.
Bilingual? Wow!
My young students are starting to like BBL0 and 1A very much since they can now read with good rhythm and they are starting to read more.


Hi Yukiko
Thanks! This program is aimed at university or high school students, but I would be happy to send you a copy too. Please send me your address or leave a comment here (in romaji -the blog can’t handle Japanese for some reason)

1 May 2013, 8:12pm
by Yukiko Watanabe


Thank you,Ben. I actually have some high school students and a college student working for TOEIC tests and so on.
I think reading is very important and effective way to learn languages. I found reading a lot of articles and books to teach students helped improve my English too.
I’m now trying to read books and articles on reading and the extensive reading a lot so that I’ll have as many reasons as possible to convince my studnts and parents.

Yukiko Watanabe
2-11-29-803 Ozasa,
Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi

No problem Yukiko! I’ll try and send them out next week.

2 May 2013, 9:25am
by Mike Mielke


Hi Ben,

I teach at Sapporo University and we have been slowly implementing Extensive Reading over the last few years and took a big jump this year with the number of students involved and the amount of reading that they do. i would really love to see what you do at Tohoku University.
If there are any left I would love to have a copy.

Here is the address of the school:

Sapporo shi, Toyahira ku
Nishioka 3 jo, 7 chome 3-1

Attn: Michael Mielke

Hi Mike
I will send you a copy out next week. Would be very interested to hear how you run your program too 🙂

3 May 2013, 3:33pm
by Bill Snyder


Thank you, Ben!

8 May 2013, 7:02am
by Andrew Scott


Hi Ben,
If the offer is still open. I’d be very interested in a copy. I have been trying to put together a program for my students, but it’s all new to me, so some direction would be very welcome.

The school is
3-13 Tsukioka-cho

All the best (and thank you for the very informative blog),


Hi Andrew
Thanks for the feedback. I will send a copy your way.

8 May 2013, 11:25pm
by Andrew Scott


Thank you. I look forward to it, and your generosity is much appreciated.

Actually, all down to the community outreach and educational support aims of the Centre for Professional Development at Tohoku University (who published the book and are distributing it free of charge). I love my job 🙂

Hi Ben,
I’ve attended your lecture about the extensive reading before in Sendai, and it would be much appreciate if I could get a copy. Are they still available? Could you please send me if there are any left.

Here is the address,

Masako Kawamura
Tiny Little e-room
111 Aza Higashi Hikobe
Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun
Iwate 028-3315



Hi Masako

Unfortunately the office sent them out earlier this week!

However, I can send you one of mine 🙂

This will be the last one I can send out, but if anyone still wants a copy there will be some available at the Extensive Reading World Congress in Seoul (September) and the JALT National Conference in Kobe (October).

24 May 2013, 2:00pm
by Masako Kawamura


Thank you so much! Looking forward to it :)))

Hi Ben, are there copies still available?

At the moment we are deciding what to do with them. Send me an email with your address and how many copies you would like to and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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