A Smorgasbord of Updates

Life has been very busy in the almost two months since the last post. Here are a number of small news items.


1. Extensive Reading Outreach

I am working with another high school in Sendai, mainly providing advice on which books to buy and how to encourage students to read. The teachers and librarian there are really enthusiastic and open to suggestions, so it’s been a lot of fun so far. Hoping to see their reading program develop.

2. University Classes

Continued to develop classes here at Tohoku University, particularly the new ‘high level’ ones.

3. PELLT Expansion

We’ve made some new pages on PELLT, with more to come soon.

4. Cambridge Academy Development

Some progress, including training part-timers to take the ER classes, getting more books, and working on the fluency program in the output classes.

5. RetireJapan

Lots of new content on the RetireJapan site, and featured speaker at JALT national.

Hope to have some more posts for you soon 🙂


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