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Updated 2023/5/19

Following Derek Sivers’ excellent example, this is my /now page. These are the things I am currently working on.

  • EFL materials. This is mainly developing and marketing the Fluency Course. The base course for junior high school students is finished, so we are working on finalizing supplementary materials. One big planned upgrade is audio for the texts, vocabulary, etc. The next step is going to be a new version of The Fluency Course for adults. This will be similar in structure and level to the current books, but with content more appropriate for university students, working adults, and non-working adults.
  • RetireJapan. There is a huge amount to do on RetireJapan, mainly improving the website, updating and writing more Guides, creating on demand video courses, expanding our YouTube channel, and growing our reach on social media so we can reach more people.
  • School management. I am still helping my wife run her school, which mainly consists of working on systems, supporting the teachers, running special classes and events, and covering for teachers in an emergency. This is interesting as it is forcing me to learn new skills.
  • Health. I am 45 now, and health is finally becoming a priority. First up is weight loss, mainly through improving diet and fasting. Then mobility and conditioning work, walking/cycling/swimming/rowing, and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu more regularly.
  • Life. This is a new category, but perhaps the most important one. I am trying to figure out what to do with my life now. It’s clearly going to be a mix of work, family, friends, health, interests, but how to balance those and in what proportions is the question I will be dealing with for the rest of it.

I am unlikely to spend much time on anything not on the list at the moment, but happy to hear from people 🙂

*To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: right now I am transitioning to a new phase of life, which is exciting and interesting and a little bit intimidating.

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