iPhone 4S in Japan, part 2

Well, I take it all back.

After a couple of weeks of enduring the increasingly frequent delays on my iPhone 3GS with iOS 5, I finally decided to update to the newest model.

Softbank has two fairly nice programs for customers who are updating, so I was happy to stay with them (my wife signed up for an iPhone with AU, and I have not been impressed with their staff training and readiness for the product), namely

1. they will forgive all payments due on a previous iPhone, allowing you to upgrade and just pay for the new phone (you can sell your old one online -a friend got over 12,000 yen for her old 3GS) or
2. if you have already paid off your previous iPhone, they will give you 6,000 yen cashback

The phone arrived in just over a week, and I got it on Thursday evening.


The camera, the speed, the… display.

If you are on the fence about the 4GS, do yourself a favour and get one. It’s that good.

4 Nov 2011, 11:50pm
by WIlliam McDuff


That’s good to know. My phone seems fine, by the way. Loving it!

I’m still happy with the phone. I’m not experiencing the battery drop that some have stated on the internet but I will say it’s draining a little bit faster than I was expecting.

It really lets me stay in contact with friends and family with much more ease than my previous AU phone. For the most part, I’m happy with it.

Anyone have recommendations on good cases?

Hi Andrew

I’m loving the phone too (on Softbank). A couple of cases I like:

The iFlip wallet case (very clever idea) and
the Ballistic line of cases (tough!)

20 Nov 2011, 8:50pm
by alohastephen


When you say “forgive all payments due on a previous iPhone” does that mean they will cover my cost of breaking a contract with softbank?

Hi Stephen

Unfortunately, I was talking about Softbank here…

If you have an iPhone that you haven’t paid off yet, they will forgive you all remaining payments, give you a 4S, and let you pay it off normally over two years as if you didn’t have the previous iPhone.

If you have paid it off they give you a 6,000 yen discount on your bill.

Update: AU users now have the ability for iMessage and Facetime. With the latest iOS 5.1 update those, along with other new features, have been added. iMessage to my iPhone sporting friends in America has been very nice.

Excellent news. Thanks for the update, Andrew 🙂


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