Quizlet may just be what I have been looking for all these years…

For years, I have been looking for a simple, cheap (free?) online tool to allow our younger students to work on their vocabulary outside of class.

Jim George, a friend and fellow school owner, has been going on about Quizlet for a while now, but I didn’t really pay attention until he sent me a detailed email this morning explaining the functionality.

It looks great.

Basically it’s a site that allows people to create and study simple flashcard quizzes online. Free accounts (students) can access content and premium accounts ($15 a year) can create quizzes with words and pictures.

The great thing about it is that as a school we can create study groups and upload content for the students to practice every week. Students can make accounts and join the groups and practice the content for their class. We can also monitor their progress by ‘friending’ them.

It sounds like it has everything we need. I’ll be trying it out over the next few weeks, then I’ll report back with my impressions.

Anyone else use Quizlet?

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