AGO: the best 900 yen you’ll spend this week

AGO is a card game, similar to UNO or Switchit, that practices simple question and answer patterns. It is ideal for upper elementary or junior high school and above. Students play to get rid of all their cards: the first person to do so is the winner. The game mechanics are easy, and almost all students already know them from playing UNO.

There are eventually going to be three levels: aqua, green, and orange (hence AGO, but I suspect that the pun with eigo was also a factor in naming this product). The first level, aqua, contains very easy questions like ‘do you like…?’ and ‘what season is it now?’. There is some scope for personalization.

The green level just came out at the end of last month, and includes more complex questions, more scope for students to make their own questions, and more ‘game cards’ (‘pick up’, ‘jump’, and so on).

The orange level is due to be released next year.

The production values are pretty good and the cards look and feel great. Well worth the 900 yen, especially if you teach junior high school and up.

Alright, I just ordered this online on your recommendation. I’ve been reading about it for a while and think it could help during my classes.

I’ll let you know how it works out 🙂

Hi Andrew

I hope you (and your students) like it. Check out the green (level 2) pack too!

It arrived last week and so far we’ve been using the Aqua. They really enjoy it cause it’s easy enough for them to answer all the questions and they love any games we do during class.

My girlfriend doesn’t really speak any English either and we’ve played this game together. She enjoys it too!

Thanks Ben!

Great to hear that, Andrew. Have you seen the Switchit phonics games by David Lisgo? Fun phonics/reading/vocabulary practice based on the UNO game:

Although I think it might be a bit cheaper to buy directly from David. Drop him a line if you are interested!


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