Work the System – book review

(I reviewed this book previously on my book reviews blog, but am re-posting here as I think it might be helpful to readers)

Work the System

Work the System, by Sam Carpenter, is a book with a very simple premise: it is possible to vastly improve your work and your life by concentrating on systems.

In a similar vein to Tim Ferriss, Carpenter emphasizes the gains to be made when everyday tasks are optimized and automated. He advocates writing down step-by-step instructions for any task that has to be performed regularly.

The premise is obvious, but after just one reading I have identified dozens of areas in my own life where I can apply this. The upside seems enormous.

For teachers, this would involve writing a class manual for your students that describes all the tasks they must perform. At Tohoku University, thanks to the mad organizational skills of my colleague Dan E., we already have something like this, and it makes teaching almost effortless.

Essential to entrepreneurs and small-business owners, this book should also prove useful for classroom teachers. Extremely recommended, unless you are already a happy productivity ninja with a great life 🙂

JALT National Conference 2013 in Kobe

JALT 2013

I will be attending and presenting at the JALT National Conference this year. Excited to go back to Kobe after 13 years!

I will be presenting on our extensive reading program on Sunday at 12:10. Details below:

Presentation #540: Step-by-step extensive reading program development (Workshop)
Scheduled for: Sunday, October 27, 12:10 PM – 1:10 PM (60 minutes)
Room: 502

My JET renewers’ conference was held in Kobe, and I haven’t been back since. Anyone else going?

Get a Job Teaching English in Japan

Get a Job Teaching English in Japan

My second ebook, Get a Job Teaching English in Japan, is free on Amazon Kindle for the next couple of days. It’s aimed at people new to Japan, but I would be really grateful if you would grab a copy and leave an honest review on Amazon. The book is available in all the Kindle stores and you should be able to find it with a simple search.

If you have any comments about the content, please let me know! One of the nice things about Kindle is that you can fix mistakes after ‘printing’.

Thanks for all your support.

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Site Problems


Apologies if you tried to access the site over the last couple of days. One of the wordpress plugins I was using crashed the site, locking me (and you) out. It was my first web problem, and took me longer to fix than it should have (short version: should have asked web host provider for help first).

We’ll be back to normal tomorrow!

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