Seth Godin on education

Seth Godin’s TED talk on education is really interesting.

Very similar to Ken Robinson’s talks, eh?

If you like his style check this one out: this is broken.

31 May 2013, 8:26pm
by Ryan Hagglund


His conclusions are somewhat similar to Ken Robinson’s, but I’m not sure his style is all that similar and he is far more negative in his description of the history that lead us to where we are now. To be honest, he turned me off a little bit through his almost conspiracy-like description of education history. That’s too bad, as I agree with many of his conclusions.

Hey Ryan
Fair enough. I have a lot of time for Mr Godin, but I’m used to his style from reading his blog. It’s very good on marketing 😉

Am checking out his blog now. Does look interesting!


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