Hey Ben, thanks for this. Yeah, there are a ton of similar sites now and http://99designs.com/ seems to be well rated. I am looking at a design for a business, not ESL related and fortunately have found a local guy who is (a) local and (b) very willing to listen to input. I went local as being a small business owner I rely on local consumers and believe in karma. I think some call it networking. I really like the idea of face to face meetings as it saves a lot of time for me, writing things in E Mail leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation, probably my poor writing skills.
He was able to do sketches real time as I was talking to him and I could steer him as to weather his vision and my vision were going down the same garden path. Actually he was steering me away from my original over complicated design for as they say ” less is more”.

I had a meeting and a week later he sent some ideas, initially I was disappointed as his ideas were not what I had in mind, but other people I asked really liked what he had come up with and we are meeting again next Friday to go over revisions. He will do me three versions for 1: website banner. 2: Stationary logo 3: Characters for catalogues and kids promotional stuff. All for about ?40,000?

Was a bit anxious about the whole process but having dipped a toe in the waters am enjoying it a lot. That’s what the professionals offer.
Next step finding a web site designer that understands what a budget is. Fingers crossed.

Once again thanks for the blog and I actually quite like what you have here. What would you want to change?
Wordpress is simple and quite ubiquitous; good in my opinion, I really don’t enjoy over flashy blogs that are distracting and that have funky menus e.t.c.
Like they say ” less is more”.

Hi Simon

Thanks for the detailed update! 40,000 yen sounds extremely reasonable and given that price we might not have gone online… Nice to hear about an alternative.

Don’t have huge plans for the blog, just thinking about personalizing it a bit more and maybe getting a more professional design. Definitely agree with you about the bells and whistles 🙂


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