To Do Lists and Project Management: Trello


Recently I have been playing with a great free online resource called Trello that is designed to help teams work together on projects.

There are two main things I do on the site: manage my to do list and coordinate tasks within teams (one of colleagues at university and one at Cambridge English).

To Do List

In Trello I have a personal to-do list board. I have divided the board into four: today, this week, future, and waiting (I got this idea from Leo Babauta, who got it from Ryan Carson). I populate the future and this week lists as things come in, then move them to today every morning. So far it’s really helping me keep track of various things.

Coordinating Teams

You can also add other people to groups, and assign them to tasks. They can write notes on things, archive completed tasks, etc. It’s incredibly useful to delegating and sharing tasks.

Right now Trello consists of a website and apps for iOS and Android. The basic version is free, and there is a paid enterprise version as well (I don’t know what it does). I’ve used other productivity apps before, like Wunderlist, the iOS Reminders app, and Google Docs, but this has been the best one so far.

Please leave any software tips in the comments!


Ben, does it require staff to login to another separate website? My staff has a strong aversion to having to login to different websites for each cool service we use.

Completely OT: But I followed your blogroll link to The Millionaire Teacher. Very appropriate for my current situation (middle-aged expat trying DESPERATELY to put together a portfolio and strengthen his retirement plan). Bought the book and am glad I did. Thanks.

It’s a great book. I got really into all that stuff a couple of years ago -let me know if you want to talk about it anytime (not many people are into investment). We can swap notes 🙂


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