29 Mar 2016, 6:08am
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It’s so easy to get pulled off course

The waves crashed between the towering cliff of Scylla and the jagged rocks of Charybdis

I thought I had my priorities fairly sorted out. You may have seen my now page. I was really enthusiastic about Derek Sivers’ hell yeah or no manifesto.

Normally this works pretty well, but unexpected opportunities can put you on tilt.

Last week I had one of those opportunities. I was offered a chance to work on a prestigious project. It didn’t align with my goals 100%, but paid well and might have led to further similar projects.

This week I am planning to turn it down. If I took it it would prevent me from focusing on the really important things.

It’s not hard to say no to boring or unpleasant work. It is really hard to say no to interesting work with lots of potential.

But maybe that’s the key to success.

Can’t speak for you, Ben, but I would say yes to interesting work that pays well. I would somehow find time to do it. I say no to work I don’t love often enough.

Hey Cynthia

I find interesting work that pays well, but that takes me off-task, to be very dangerous indeed πŸ˜‰

Hey Ben… Just like Cynthia, I would probably take the job based on the description you made. I’d postpone other projects if I had to… but that’s just me πŸ™‚

Ah, but what if your current project had huge potential? And taking other jobs would reduce the amount of time you could devote to it?

That’s where I am now. Nothing is more important than my Academy. It is the first time I have had something that is fun, useful, commercially viable, and potentially very lucrative.

Doing freelance work for money that helps someone else with their goals just doesn’t compare πŸ™‚


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