PRESENTATION: Oxford Teaching Workshop Series in Sendai, February 14th

What else could you be doing on Valentine’s Day?

OTWS 2016

I’ll be presenting at the Oxford Teaching Workshop Series in Sendai this weekend, talking about reading programs for young learners. It’ll be a very practical, nuts and bolts type presentation.

Venue: TKP Garden City Sendai Hall C

“Many teachers are aware of the benefits of reading in English and would like to start reading programs for their students, but the practical difficulties seem too great. From budgeting to choosing books to planning and explaining class activities, this workshop will provide very specific advice for teachers who want to start or expand a reading program.”

More importantly though, my friend Yuko Suzuki will be talking about Shadoku (shadowing tadoku, or extensive reading) from 13:30. Anyone interested in the intersection between reading, speaking, and young learners should attend her workshop. She’ll be speaking in Japanese, but it’s worth making the effort to attend. I’m particularly pleased because I think I coined the term ‘shadoku’ over lunch at an ER event in Fukuoka. Glad to see Yuko running with it 🙂

You were the one who coined “shadoku”? Cool. I am coining a phrase in my presentation on teaching reading to young learners a the Kansai and Nagoya expos. “ES” for “extensive speaking”. I am in the same camp about the importance of teaching speaking for better reading comprehension. It seems that this topic is quite current. I wish I could hear Yuko Suzuki speak.

Yuko is a great presenter and she is doing really interesting things at her school. She’s presenting at quite a few of these OTWS -there might be one you can catch her at 🙂

Unfortunately I won’t be at the event this weekend, but I hope it goes well and I’m sure these topics will be well-received!

We’ll miss you, Mr. Bayley, and your yellow costume 🙂

Ha! Thanks! 🙂 If it is the yellow costume you miss, then you could easily wear such a getup yourself! 😉 (Pics or it didn’t happen!).
Enjoy the day!

Not sure I could pull it off with the required aplomb!


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