OTWS Sendai Presentation Summary and Slides

I really enjoyed my presentation yesterday on the 30th floor of the AER Building in Sendai. The views were amazing and I am kicking myself for not getting some photos.

OTWS 2016 Sendai group photo

To make it up for you, here is a photo of the four presenters

I talked about starting reading programs, specifically:

  1. My dream, which is to see decent English ER programs in public schools
  2. Reasons for starting a program: some students love it, effectiveness as language study, can be a USP for a school
  3. Foundations of a reading program: songs and chants, phonics, good communication with parents, and reading in class
  4. Overview of a reading program: goals, money, materials, methods, and administration
  5. Some advice: have students read in class, get a wide range of books, don’t compare students to each other, don’t ask if students understood a book but whether they enjoyed it, and don’t expect quick results
  6. Further reading: Kunihide Sakai and Akio Furukawa

You can see my slides here:[Sendai OTWS reading program for young learners] and get in touch by email or with a comment below.

I’ll be doing this presentation in Omiya on March 6th, then that will be my last teaching presentation for a while.

Hi Ben,
Did you make a conscious decision not to use an online ER system and to go for physical books instead? You have gotten me really interested in doing something similar with my JHSers.

Hi Claire

Yes, I haven’t found an online system that meets all our needs yet. Books are still the most convenient, portable, lendable, cost-efficient delivery system for text I know of šŸ™‚

I also don’t want to ask our young students to have even more screen time, and find it really hard to monitor what they are doing on mobiles, tablets, etc. in the classroom.


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