18 Sep 2014, 1:20pm
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REVIEW: Question Quest Photocopiable Resource

A Useful Supplementary Resource

question quest workbook

R.I.C. Publications was kind enough to send me a review copy of their new supplementary material for the Question Quest card game. As I wrote in my review of the game, I like it as a fun way to practice simple conversational strategies with junior high school and above students.

This new collection of photocopiable worksheets consists of:

  • some pages of background information about the world the game is set in and the characters (pretty high level English)
  • 74 worksheets, one for each of the question cards in the game
  • supplementary materials, including two versions of a fun collaborative ‘boss battle’ variation game

The bulk of the resource is the worksheets, each of which includes some simple language practice first (grammar or vocabulary) followed by practicing the question as used in the game. The worksheets are visually appealing with some small pictures. Personally I found them a little crowded, but this is a reasonable compromise in order to fit all of the content onto one page. The language content is fairly simple and somewhat repetitive.

I can see two main uses for the worksheets in my class. The first is as something to do regularly as a language supplement, alongside playing the game. Every class I’d give the students one sheet, working through them all over a period of almost two years.

Another way to use them would be as a remedial resource: students who had trouble with a specific question card in the card game could be given the corresponding worksheet and a quick explanation.

Ultimately this resource is not able to (or designed to!) stand on its own. If you use the game in your classes you may find this a useful supplement. If you don’t use the game I would recommend checking Question Quest out. I wouldn’t say the worksheets are essential or necessary, but some teachers and students may benefit from the deliberate practice they provide.

You can see an example of one of the worksheets on the product page. It is similar to all the others.

19 Sep 2014, 10:22am
by Trevor Lawless


Thanks Ben, I’ll have a look at this book. I’ve got the game, and it’s really well done, but I’ve always found the prospect of introducing it to a class a bit of a daunting challenge. I think if you are going to use this game you need to plan on using it regularly for quite a while and making it a real part of your class. These supplements may help.

Hi Trevor

I also have trouble using the game consistently. I find it takes quite a long time so I often play a ‘lite’ version where I ask the students questions from the cards 🙂


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