13 Sep 2013, 9:01am
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What do I desire?

I had an interesting thought the other day: I have decided to assume that I will only live to 50. I’m now 36, so that gives me another 14 years. In that seemingly short time I need to accomplish everything that I want to do because I won’t have the chance to do it otherwise.

Why 50? It just seems like a nice round number. Also, both my parents died in their 40s, so I may well have a genetic time-bomb ticking inside me. In fact, 50 might be a bit too optimistic. I could also live past 100, but I am assuming that having reached 50 and accomplished all the important things I want to do, any extra time is just gravy.

In almost any endeavor, setting limits helps define what needs to be done and helps people get started. If you only have 200 words to write it’s much easier than if you have 80,000. It’s easier to be given a topic than told to write about anything.

So what do I want to do? I haven’t quite decided yet. There is a lot of travel in there, some writing, and spending time with my family. There is a lot less Facebook checking and random web surfing.

What would you do if you had less than 15 years left?

Not meaning to brag, but when I was your age, I decided to assume I was going to live to be 100 so I have 54 years left. Anyway, I think the number is immaterial ‘cos you should really live your life as if today were going to be your last….and if you’re on a Mac Install Self Control and Pomodoro at once.

If you listen to Ray Kurzweil, we’re going to live for centuries 🙂

PC I’m afraid, but I agree about the self-control boosting software. I don’t think the specific number is important, rather the mindset that comes with knowing that each day is not coming back.


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