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SRS, RSS, LMS: Online Tools to Boost Learner Efficiency

This is my presentation from the 2012 Tokyo ETJ Expo. Thanks to Oxford University Press for sponsoring my presentation and making it possible for me to attend.


4 replies on “SRS, RSS, LMS: Online Tools to Boost Learner Efficiency”

OK, Ben. I have finally sat down to figure out how to use those great Google apps you were talking about. Where can I get a specific link? I could not find the pop-up function on my Google search page. I know I am computer illiterate, but I am trying!:)

Hi Cynthia
Pop-up function? Do you mean popjisyo? That has its own website…
If you mean the search perameters, you’ll find them at the bottom of the left-hand toolbar, *after searching*. Click on ‘show search tools’.

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