Tokyo ETJ Expo (Sunday November 4)

I’ll be presenting this Sunday morning at the ETJ Expo in Kanda, Tokyo from 10am, talking about online resources for studying English:


SRS, RSS, LMS: online tools to boost language learner efficiency

The internet has already revolutionized language learning, giving learners access to resources that would have been inconceivable even five years ago. In this presentation Ben Shearon will introduce free online resources with the potential to transform English language learners’ self-study. Suitable for all levels and ages.


Come along to the presentation, or catch me at any point during the day.

Hey there, would have loved to make it to your presentation today in Tokyo but I missed it. Any plans to share the power point presentation or notes on your blog? Interested to find out more. Have a great day!

Hi Nicholas
Thanks for stopping by! I am actually planning to post the video and a brief write-up of the presentation on here within the next week or so. I’ll be doing the same presentation four times at various ETJ Expos and will be posting all the videos, so hope to document how it evolves over time. I think it will be an interesting experiment 🙂

Great! Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.

Actually, the video is up now 🙂


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