In Search of Sanuk (why you might care about an obscure charity in Thailand)

I first saw this video in December last year. Something about it really touched me, so I sent a small donation via the website.

A couple of days later, Dwight emailed me to say thanks. Something about him, and the project, stuck with me though, so I emailed him again to see if he could meet up.

Last week, I managed to make it to Bangkok and we went out to dinner. I wanted to know more about his project, and more importantly I wanted to see if he was for real.

Dwight started off like many of us, teaching English in Bangkok. Unlike many of us though, he noticed a serious social problem and decided to make the world better, one family at a time. Dwight works with refugees in Thailand, people who are in Thailand illegally, unwelcome and ignored, with no source of support. His In Search of Sanuk organization (sanuk means ‘fun’ in Thai) aims to help them financially and more importantly socially. Maybe it’s because I am an immigrant here in Japan, but I feel what he is doing is extremely important.

I am very comfortable here, but I have had tough times, even with all the support and advantages I have enjoyed. I cannot imagine doing the same thing with no support, all the while trying to avoid the authorities’ attention. I think what Dwight it doing is so important that I would like to ask you to check it out, and consider sending him a donation or visiting the project if you are ever in Bangkok. In Search of Sanuk can be found by clicking on the following links: Facebook page, website, and Youtube channel.

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