2 Mar 2012, 8:35am
by Ryan Hagglund


Can you teach kids not to eat the marshmallow? Would that be effective in helping them learn how to delay gratification later in life? Interesting questions to ponder. Thanks for the link!

I think you can. It’s probably a mixture of practice and a consideration of all the options…

I experienced something similar after the earthquake last year: my priorities changed and I now delay gratification much more 😉

Hey Ben – thanks for this! The little girl getting ‘high’ on the smell of the marshmallow was hilarious 🙂 I wonder what kind of results you would get if there was a disincentive (some kind of punishment) rather than an incentive (an extra marshmallow). Interesting stuff though. I wonder what I would have done…

Yeah, its a tough one 🙂

I have poor self-control, combined with greed, so it seems like those wod cancel each other out!


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