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The Academy Program

English Program for Junior and Senior High School Students


For the last two years we have been developing the Cambridge Academy, an academic English program for junior and senior high school students in a private English school setting.

The program consists of two strands: input and output.

Input classes are based on extensive reading and listening. Students spend most of their time reading/listening to graded materials at their level. Students also learn vocabulary, do shadowing, or write short reactions to books (at higher levels).

Output classes are focused on oral and written production. Students work in pairs to develop their speaking fluency, and do intensive reading and listening exercises to encounter and practice language. Vocabulary and grammar is chosen to complement public junior high school textbooks.

We are now exploring ways to license and share the Academy program with other schools. Academy partner schools will receive training, teaching and administration manuals, and materials, and have the option to purchase starter packs of readers (labelled and organized into packs so they can be used straight out of the box).

Many English schools struggle with retaining and recruiting junior and senior high school students. The Academy program provides practical, academically focused classes that are easy to run, enjoyable for teachers and students, and easy to explain to parents.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to be considered as a test partner please get in touch via email or a comment below.

Hi Ben,

I would like to know more about the Academy Program. It could be something that my school would be interested in.

Kind regards,


19 Feb 2017, 7:56am
by Adam Hogan


Hi Ben,

I too am interested in finding out more.
I find jr high lessons quite challenging.
Please send me an email with info.

Thank you.

Hi Adam

Thanks! I wrote a follow-up post to this that might be of interest: https://sendaiben.org/2016/12/06/cambridge-academy-december-2016-update/

There may be an online course at some point in the future on creating ER programs. I am also planning to write a second edition of our guide for administrators. This will happen at some point 😉

Feel free to post specific questions though and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Thank you sir.
I’ll look over it this week. : )


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