18 Sep 2010, 1:02pm
living in Japan Sendai


I love Japan

So far during my ten years in Japan I have tended to focus on things that annoy me about my life here. Some of them are universal, and some more specific to Japan or Sendai. I’m sure everyone has their own list.

However, recently I have found myself appreciating my life here. I really do feel at home, and enjoy almost everything I do.

Keeping that in mind makes the small annoying things much less important.

I just wanted this on the record in case people had the wrong impression from the amount of moaning I do on debito.org and other websites.

(I took this photo myself earlier this summer, by the way)

This is the thing to make clear about Debito’s site: it is set up with the theme of civil rights activism.

People forget that that is the theme. So then, they flip it upside down and say that it’s a site for the negative people. No no no.

In fairness, it’s good to post some happy stuff from time to time. I try to do that myself.

Hi Hoofin

Thanks for dropping by! I agree that debito.org provides a very important service, but you must admit it can get a bit heavy there sometimes 😉

I only complain about the bad stuff because I care about this country and my life here.

I spent a year in China as a student and didn’t feel particularly moved to protest about anything as I wasn’t invested in the country.


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