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In October, the blog reached 50,000 views.

Last month, we hit 100,000. Thanks for reading!

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I dont always get sick

I had a fearsome stomach ‘flu type bug this weekend. Back on Friday.

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No more presentations (for now)

Right now I only have one presentation scheduled: Sendai JALT on January 23rd.

empty stage and mic

That’s actually quite a strange feeling. The last couple of years have been great for me in terms of chances to present. I’ve been all over Japan and met all sorts of great people. You can see some of the presentations on the Sendaiben Youtube channel.

However, I have started to feel a bit burned out. In 2014 I will be attending some conferences as a participant, not a presenter. I’ll also be working on some really exciting new projects (stay tuned for more information soon).

I hope to be doing a lot more writing next year, on this blog and elsewhere.

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What do you want to read about?


As part of my efforts to make this blog more professional (read about the previous step, setting a schedule) I would like to hear what readers are interested in seeing here: what kind of posts would be useful or interesting for you?

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Update Frequency Poll Results

poll results

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the update frequency poll this week. The results were fairly conclusive:

Every day 0 0%
Five times a week 0 0%
Three times a week 2 17%
Twice a week 4 33%
Once a week 2 17%
Other 4 33%

The ‘other’ responses were basically ‘whenever you like’, ‘weekly or fortnightly’, and ‘when you have something to say’ 🙂

I am going to move to a twice a week schedule with the blog, attempting to write something meaningful on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Wish me luck!