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3 replies on “About”

Dear Mr. Shearon,

I came across your website and blog as I was researching for teaching positions in Japan. I am about to finish my university degree in Canada and it has always been a dream of mine to teach overseas.

Can you tell me about living in Japan? The pros and cons? A teachers salary? Living expenses, etc.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,


Hi Tarek

Good timing! I am currently writing a short ebook on the subject, which will be available free from this site early next year. Please check back then for more details.

Hi Ben,

It is amazing how many of us there are. Nice to find another Ben with a sense of humor and interest in Japan. Isn’t it great how many Japanese meanings can be attached to our name? Study, dialect, *&^*&^ etc. =D I look forward to taking a more indepth look at your posts!

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