Preparation Discussion Reaction: The PDR Method

How to get students speaking, discussing, and writing about real topics

The PDR Handbook

The PDR Handbook

Almost two years after it was first published, the PDR Handbook is finally available online.

PDR is a groundbreaking method for running 4-skills language classes for intermediate and above students. It can also be adapted for use with content classes. I have also used it successfully for teacher workshops.

You can download a copy of the Handbook in PDF format from here.

25 Feb 2018, 12:19pm
by Marian Hara


I have just tried to download the above article but it wasn’t available. Any idea why?

Sorry! Should be working now.

25 Feb 2018, 12:26pm
by Mike Masse


Thanks for posting this! I would love to read it, but the link (on the PELLT website) doesn’t work.

Thanks! It should be working now 🙂


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