31 Aug 2006, 2:14pm

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It’s the end of the summer as far as I can tell…

Hey kids

Once again almost a month has gone by without me getting round to updating this beast. It is hot again (we had a weird summer that was hot at the beginning, cool in the middle, and is now trying to be hot again for the last few days) and there is not all that much to do right now.

Well, there is lots of stuff that has to be done fairly soon, but this office is a terrible place to try to concentrate, especially on stuff that could be done next week instead.

I’m taking tomorrow off and going for a drive with Chiho to celebrate my birthday. Feels weird having another birthday, I had pretty much forgotten about it until Chiho brought it up. Strange how something that was so important and exciting before can become so commonplace and unimportant!

So, the next time I do this I will be 29 🙂

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