21 Oct 2005, 11:40pm

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Week off

Here in Japan there is a chain of second hand shops that all have the word “off” in their names. Thus we have “Book Off” and “Hard Off”. Next week is week off for me. I have finally got clear of the October meetings and next week will be a well needed period of consolidation and planning.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the October meetings. We had some good presentations and a really good vibe on all three days. The only thing is, they are tiring, especially held on Wednesday and Friday, my manic “go and help my wife teach for four hours after work” days!

So we got home about 11pm tonight, flushed with ideas on how to improve Cambridge English. We’re going to get a sign for the Shiogama classroom, and I had some ideas on how to improve our elementary and junior high curriculums. We’re also going to have a special meeting with the parents once a year where I will run through our philosophy, materials, and methods. Hopefully that will get us more students…

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