A Facebook-shaped Hole

So I’m still off Facebook. But I am feeling the loss of community a bit.


I decided to stop using Facebook in a personal capacity a couple of weeks ago. I have various pages on there that I didn’t want to lose access to, so instead of deleting my account, I just unfriended everyone except my wife (I want to see what she posts about me!).

I haven’t missed it all that much, but have noticed a few things:

  1. I still log in at least once a day, even though I know there will be nothing new in my news feed
  2. I’ve started using Twitter as a substitute, and have started to understand it better as a result
  3. I only really missed it once, when I wanted to post a video I made with my granddaughter (see below) and realized that I didn’t really have anywhere comparable to Facebook to do that

Twitter is interesting, but very different to Facebook. I still don’t really understand it 🙂

Here’s that video too:

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