24 Oct 2005, 10:25pm

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Homeward Bound

Well, I managed to find some flights to London for 83,000 yen, so it looks like we might make it over for Christmas after all. Still need to check with everyone back at home to make sure that they will be around (it would be just my luck to fly back just as everyone is off to spend Christmas in Chile or something).

Luckily we’re not taking the cat, so I reckon a cool 600,000 yen all in for the first (and for the forseeable future -last!) family trip. I think it’s worth it, ’cause I think I should go and see my two grandmothers and it’s probably one of our last chances to drag the whole family off as one (before the player gains her independence!).

Found out she spent the whole of today sleeping instead of studying the way she promised to… so she’s grounded next weekend.

The power of the petty tyrant 😉

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