20 Dec 2015, 11:57am


Upcoming presentations


Just a quick update on some upcoming presentations. I’ll be speaking in Sendai on personal finance in January, then again on children’s reading programs in February and March (Sendai and Omiya). More details nearer the time, but for now here are the dates:

January 31st, Sendai 14:00-17:00, Personal Finance 101 at Sendai JALT. This is a RetireJapan workshop.

February 14th, Sendai 10:30-11:20, Starting a Reading Program for Young Learners at Oxford Teaching Workshop Series.

March 6th, Omiya 11:40-12:30, Starting a Reading Program for Young Learners at Oxford Teaching Workshop Series.

Hope to see some of you there!

Wish I could see both lectures. I am keen to hear your thoughts on both subjects. Too bad Sendai is so far away from Okayama. Perhaps you could blog about your talks afterwards? I have not heard about your way of teaching reading to elementary school students. I would be very interested in your approach. No doubt it is original.

Hi Cynthia

Nothing ground-breaking at all sadly 😉

We’re basically moving towards introducing a form of ER-lite in elementary school classes, based on listening+reading as well as individual shadowing (shadoku, as explained to me by Yuko Suzuki -although I coined the term I think).

I think Laura Macfarlane is doing some of the most interesting work with elementary reading with her literacy program. Still learning a lot from her.

I will definitely be trying to blog more next year.

The financial stuff is mainly on the RetireJapan blog and in my forthcoming ebook RetireJapan…


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